Comfy clothes with a spunky style.


Spunkwear began in 2009 on the lacrosse field, inspired by active girls and young women who needed clothing that could keep up them.  Founded on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Spunkwear became a popular brand, synonymous with eye-catching patterns and breathable fabrics. Since then, Spunkwear has expanded and is recognizable from coast to coast. 
We continue to utilize events along the East coast to help us evolve our products to support our customers’ active lifestyles. Our clothing line combines performance, comfort and fun style that our customers love. No matter where the day takes you, trust that Spunkwear quick-dry fabrics with UV protection are up for whatever activity is on your agenda. 
In 2017, we launched Southwind Apparel, specifically for a modern woman's active and sunny lifestyle. Check out Southwind Apparel online or find us at a boutique near you.